Kerry Washington and More Kick Back With Jason Wu

Jessica Paré and Atlanta de Cadenet were among the guests at the New York Fashion Week after party at Electric Room.

Down Electric Room’s steeply sloped loading dock, past the clutch of flaks manning the door, after the long, winding hallway, behind the security guard stamping partygoers’ inner wrists, inside the shadowy den where his afterparty was unfurling, Jason Wu sat at the center of it all.

“I just feel really happy,” he said on Friday night, splayed on a banquette of the VIP area, an alcove tucked behind the blaring DJ booth. Jessica Paré and Kerry Washington sat beside him. “When the last look came off the runway, I had tears in my eyes,” he said, adding he’s due for a well-deserved post-show massage at the Mandarin Oriental. “This collection was such a labor of love.”

“I’m really down with the black jumpsuit. I love the satin bomber jacket. There was a white structured dress and skirt that I loved,” said Paré, saddled up to the designer, disclosing her favorite pieces from the lineup. “Honestly, if you would pass any of those my way I’d be the happiest girl.”

Washington would have to place her order by skimming the looks online as she missed the show.

“I was sequestered with ‘Project Runway.’ I’m on the season finale,” she explained. “And I swear to you, that is the only thing that could have kept me away from a Jason Wu show!”

Down below, the nearly pitch-black room obscured most ensembles apart from Dr. Lisa Airan’s fiery florescent Erdem. Revelers cluttered around ice basins topping each table with boozy options spouted out of them. “I’m gonna pour everyone a vodka shot,” Elizabeth Gilpin announced before doing just that, handing one to pal Martha Hunt. Meghan Collison leaned languidly (or perhaps just limply) on the back of a tufted sofa. Laura Love held court in one corner nook. Atlanta de Cadenet fluttered about. New York is her first collections season stop (London, Paris and possibly Milan are also in the mix). “I really should plan my outfits ahead of time,” she said, her unplanned look for the evening: a Wu leather pleated school skirt and fuzzy Topshop topper. “That would make packing a lot easier, wouldn’t it?”

Maria Sharapova emerged shortly before all the champagne ran out at 11:30pm.

“What?” one, apparently shocked, feter said reacting to the news. “Alright, let’s go to Suno.”