Calvin Klein Fetes Francisco Costa, New Fragrance

Pharrell Williams headlined the house's expansive after party.

Calvin Klein Fragrance Party RTW Spring 2014 Spring Studio New York NYC WWD EYE
Calvin Klein Fragrance Party RTW Spring 2014 Spring Studio New York NYC WWD EYE

The last shot of Rooney Mara’s campaign spot for Calvin Klein’s new fragrance Downtown features the actress staring out a taxi window studying a passing New York. This week, many a passenger of the city’s cab-taking classes was not dolefully looking out the window but rather at Mara’s mug, thanks to the video’s frequency of play on those unavoidable in-taxi TVs. In fact, many attendees of Thursday night’s Calvin Klein bash — which celebrated both the new perfume and Francisco Costa’s decade as its women’s Collection creative director — had seen the ad on the trek to TriBeCa’s Spring Studios for the party.

“I’ll have to remember not to take any more cabs here. I’ll take Uber from now on,” Mara said in her measured cadence. The actress looked the consummate Calvin Klein girl on the party’s press line in her silk crepe slipdress from spring 2012, a shock of jet black against her alabaster skin.

“But it was really fun to film,” Mara continued, playing with her rings as she spoke. “I think we took, like, five days; it was summertime in New York, and David Fincher directed it, which was really nice of him to do. We just had a lot of fun.”

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After moseying down the step-and-repeat, revelers mounted a dusty elevator up to the party level. Doors opened to a clean, starkly white room (very on-brand), which was barely lit and thumped courtesy of DJ Mike Nouveau, posted onstage.

Daria Strokous got grooving by the bar to Missy Elliott’s “Work It.” Anh Duong planted herself between Dylan McDermott and Nicole Kidman in the cordoned-off VIP area and gabbed with the actress. The booths got increasingly snug as Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake and their respective entourages were whisked in. Alexis Stoudemire curled up to hubby Amar’e Stoudemire at the next table. Alexander Skarsgård eschewed the velvet rope in favor of mingling with the rubbernecking mortals, most of whom he towered over. Eventually, Pharrell Williams emerged onstage.

“I want to thank Calvin Klein for lending me these jeans and killer white T,” he said into the mic. “Those Nineties ads meant everything to me.”

Revelers began inching their way toward the stage. Female attendees did so with remarkable agility. The crooner got the crowd going, running through his various hit singles, even taking Lily Kwong’s hand in the front row while serenading, “you the hottest bitch in this place” during “Blurred Lines.” Her cheeks burned and she backed herself further into the crowd. Others were not so easily flustered.

“I want all the ladies up here for this one,” Williams commanded. One by one, chicly dressed partygoers ascended — Natalie Joos and Hanneli Mustaparta among them — with Williams himself doing much of the heavy lifting. By the time the performer got to “Beautiful,” he had about a dozen fashion-heavyweights-turned-groupies jiggling beside him, each taking time to court the singer in a one-on-one grind session. One particularly interested reveler batted her eyes at the singer and started to rub his chest. Williams turned toward the woman’s date, still standing in the audience down below. “Sorry dude,” he shrugged.