Front Row at Miu Miu

Actresses Dianna Agron, Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried and Felicity Jones attended the spring show.

Miu Miu RTW Spring 2013 front row Paris Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Photo By Stephane Feugere

WHAT A CROQUE: The actresses lining the front row of the Miu Miu show in Paris on Wednesday have been making the best of their time in the French capital.

Dianna Agron has practically gone native, having spent the last two months in France filming “Malavita,” alongside Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones. “It’s been such a load of fun. I don’t ever want to leave Paris,” she said. Agron has been hanging out in the tony Saint-Germain neighborhood, and has even picked up some useful lingo. “J’aimerais une table pour trois, s’il vous plaît,” she said, displaying her skill at reserving a table for three.

Amanda Seyfried was taking advantage of a break before her year-end promotional tour for “Les Misérables,” in which she stars as Cosette. “I gave myself extra days on either side of the show so I can go look for antiques,” she said. The actress had already paid a visit to taxidermy specialist Deyrolle, but she was hesitant to add to her collection of stuffed animals. “I really don’t have the room,” she admitted.

Emma Stone, whose next film project will be “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” was looking forward to “eating a lot.” “I’ve already had two croque madames,” she reported proudly, using the French term for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg.

British actress Felicity Jones recently completed “The Invisible Woman,” directed by Ralph Fiennes. “He constantly pushes you, and because he knows acting so well, he’ll never let you do anything too easy or clichéd,” she said. “It’s a film very much about character, so we had lots of rehearsal and lots of takes.”