Front Row at John Galliano

An anti-austerity protest delayed clothes, models and guests, causing the show to start nearly an hour late.

Karla Otto & Dominique de Longevialle

Karla Otto & Dominique de Longevialle

Photo By Stéphane Feugere

HARD TIMES: Thousands of protesters hit the streets in Paris Sunday to demonstrate against the government’s austerity measures, snarling traffic and wreaking havoc with the fashion show schedule.

Among the shows worst affected was John Galliano, which started nearly an hour late after models and clothes were held up in the gridlock. The label’s new managing director, Dominique de Longevialle, kept a cool head despite the glitches.

“Everything fell back into place, so it’s all good. There are lots of people. I’m very, very pleased,” he said, surveying the crowd, which included Lou Lesage and Sam Sparro. Sidney Toledano, chief executive officer of Christian Dior, said de Longevialle — who has been at Dior since 1994 — will retain responsibility for the brand’s scarves and fashion jewelry.

The Galliano invite featured a print called “Flying Man,” which also appeared on some of the outfits, that appeared to show a man jumping from a building. A desperate victim of Europe’s economic crisis, perhaps? “Don’t worry,” said de Longevialle. “That one is still alive and well, fortunately.”