Tory Burch Throws a (Town) House Party

Jay-Z, Beyoncé Knowles, Lucy Liu, Serena Williams, Alice Eve, Vera Wang, Jamie Tisch and Baron Davis all celebrated at Tory Burch’s new flagship on Tuesday.

Tory Burch Lucy Liu

Tory Burch and Lucy Liu

Photo By Steve Eichner

While probably a perfectly pleasant place to shop, the new Tory Burch flagship, the scene of a five-story housewarming party on Tuesday night, proved a tighter space to entertain. Of course it could have just been the magnetic energy of the hostess herself, who attracted a flux of well-wishers most of the night on the impeccably decorated townhouse’s top floor. Guests including Lucy Liu, Serena Williams, Alice Eve, Vera Wang, Jamie Tisch and Baron Davis all made their way up the staircase to the fifth floor to pay their respects to Burch. Russell Simmons and Melissa George were early arrivals upstairs.


“We’ve been hanging out for a while. It’s not new to us,” Simmons said of the tabloid interest in the pair’s hand-in-hand appearance at the Tommy Hilfiger show a few nights earlier.


Asked if they were always so keen on PDAs, George answered in the affirmative.


“He’s got butt-holding and hand-holding at the same time, it’s quite a skill,” she said with a laugh. “Most men could learn it.”


When Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles arrived a little before 10:30 p.m., they proved less talkative. Fashion credits seemed as far as the couple was willing to go.


“Michael Kors,” Knowles said on her way out. “Thank you.”


Jay-Z had walked in with his khaki suit jacket in hand, label facing out. Even though the answer was clear, there was always the chance that the question would get him riffing.


“Little Tom Ford, little bit,” he said with a laugh as he kept walking. Then he pointed to his shoes: “Bottega Veneta.” And with that, the rapper was down the stairs. Most of the crowd followed suit. As 11 p.m. drew close, when the party had been scheduled to end, Burch and boyfriend Lyor Cohen were hosting an impromptu dance party on the first floor.