Club Calvin Klein Unwinds Over Dinner

The front row set — including Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts and Lara Stone — turned out to fete the designer at ABC Kitchen on Thursday.

Francisco Costa and Naomi Watts

After showing his spring collection for Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa’s next task was focusing on how to relax.


“It was difficult, this collection, as they all are, but I loved it,” Costa explained outside his celebratory dinner at ABC Kitchen in the Flatiron District on Thursday evening. Did he have plans for the weekend, or the weeks to follow?

“No real plans,” Costa shrugged. It was strange to see the streets so empty and pedestrians moving at a leisurely pace after the fracas of fashion week, and the throng of passersby who had waited outside his own show earlier that day for a peek at one of his famous friends. It seemed like everyone had been at a run since last Thursday.

“No plans,” Costa repeated. “But sometimes that’s better.”

Inside, Costa’s friends and fans passed plates of sliced bruschetta and topped off each other’s wine glasses.


Several of the stars who attended the show — Uma Thurman, Chloe Moretz, Ashley Greene, Naomi Watts and Lara Stone — were on hand. Cecilia Dean, Ahn Duong, Rachel Zoe, Steven Klein, Zani Gugelmann and Waris Ahluwalia also turned out to fête the designer.

The day had turned unexpectedly brisk, and not everyone had been prepared for cooler temperatures.

“This cold weather,” Norah Zehetner moaned. “Thank God I’m going to L.A. tomorrow. In the winter I’m just like this Russian doll shuffling around. I wear five layers and it’s mostly skirts. And you know, I nearly missed the show today? I had to stand. There was traffic and my car wouldn’t let me out. They don’t trust me wandering the streets alone. I thought that everyone would be late and it would be fine. They weren’t, and it wasn’t.”

Lauren Remington Platt missed it entirely. “I’ve been working so much I’ve missed almost all the shows I wanted to see,” she sighed. “But I guess it comes with the territory, and being busy is a good thing.”

Naomi Watts wore a white floor-length Calvin Klein dress with deep, arching cut-out panels down the sides.


During cocktails before dinner, she discussed her exposed flanks.

“Is my rib sticking out?” she asked. “Are people going to see a photo and say I’m anorexic? I’m kidding. But when are we going to eat? I feel like I haven’t eaten in ages.…I was trying to look good in this…again, I’m kidding.”

Catching an eye wandering down the length of her exposed skin, Watts laughed.

“It’s a bit naughty, isn’t it?” she went on. “It’s more skin than I’ve shown in awhile.”

Later, Costa assuaged any fears Watts may have had. “Naomi looks perfect,” the designer said of the actress in his gown, glancing at her across the room. “Really beautiful.”