Front Row at Yves Saint Laurent

Salma Hayek, Alexa Chung and Elettra Wiedemann sat front row at the spring show.

François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek

François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek

Photo By Stephane Feugere

ORANGE YOU GLAD: Yves Saint Laurent’s show in Paris Monday night turned into an impromptu cocktail party as guests including Salma Hayek, Emmanuelle Seigner, Jared Leto, Mélanie Thierry, Alexa Chung, Isabelle Huppert and Lou Doillon sipped Champagne in the courtyard of the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild after dark. Elettra Wiedemann, in a black YSL jumpsuit, said she had just returned from a climbing trip in the Verdon Gorge with her fiancé, James Marshall. “I was hanging off a cliff 1,800 feet high, so it’s been a really good week,” she grinned.

Natalia Keery-Fisher, aka Natalia Kills, said she had been hanging out with Dita Von Teese while in town to promote her album and shoot a music video. “I actually had cocktails with her two nights ago and the whole time, apart from talking about sex films, she mostly spoke to me about lipstick colors. She noticed I like orange and she had some cool neon orange ones,” she said. Hafsia Herzi, fresh off the release of “House of Tolerance” — one of two movies she had premiering at the Cannes film festival this year — said she was working on her first script, in the hope of becoming a feature film director.

Kylie Minogue is busy combing through her archives and recording material in preparation for celebrating her 25th anniversary in music next year. “It’s fun, emotional and time-consuming,” she said. Her favorite fashion moment, she said, were the gold HotPants she wore in the video for “Spinning Around,” which famously cost 50 pence — less than a dollar. “It’s hard to choose, there are so many for different reasons, but let’s just choose a golden moment,” she said. Artist Cindy Sherman is also rooting through her oeuvre for a major retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art opening in February. “Sometimes you think, ‘Oh, maybe it’s just time to quit,’ or, ‘What am I going to do next?’” she mused. “Sometimes I prefer not to look back because I’d rather look toward the future, what I’m going to do next, so I usually like the most recent work the best.”