Front Row at Rodarte Spring 2012

Beyonce Knowles, Taylor Swift and Dakota and Elle Fanning were among the heavy hitters Rodarte drew on Tuesday.

BEY VIEWS: Beyoncé Knowles amped up the New York Fashion Week star wattage with three appearances Tuesday. The singer started the day at J. Crew’s presentation, then moved on to Vera Wang’s show at Lincoln Center and capped it with a late arrival to Rodarte’s noontime runway show (still wearing Vera). The last leg had already been something of a mob scene before Knowles showed up, care of a murderer’s row of teen fashion figures including Taylor Swift, Saoirse Ronan and Dakota and Elle Fanning, who sat across the runway next to Tavi Gevinson.

“Oh my god, yes, I’ve never met her before but I am like obsessed with Style Rookie,” the younger Fanning said when she learned of her seat assignment next to the young editor. “I look at it all the time.”

During the show Knowles sat next to her own younger sister, Solange, who sang along enthusiastically to the soundtrack.

“I loved the Morrissey song,” Solange explained as she and her older sister made for the door accompanied by some serious-looking security. “That was really, really good. That’s my jam.”

Just then the crowd parted a bit to reveal Beyoncé herself.

“It was perfect, beautiful,” she said of the Rodarte show. Since she was traveling like an editor, it seemed in bounds to ask how she thought it stacked up to Vera.

“Oh, I can’t, I can’t compare,” she said before exiting onto the street. “They’re both beautiful in different ways”

It wasn’t exactly “Meet the Press” but it was more success reporters had with the singer on her way in, when she met questions about potential baby names for her recently revealed pregnancy with a smile and a laugh.