Front Row at Ralph Lauren

Olivia Wilde sought balance at the runway show on Thursday morning.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Photo By Steve Eichner

Shortly before taking her seat alongside Dylan Lauren and Graydon and Anna Carter at the Ralph Lauren spring show on Thursday morning, Olivia Wilde explained that it would be her first front row this week. The actress had come straight from the Toronto Film Festival, but before that had been in a different world entirely. “I actually arrived there straight from Nairobi, Kenya,” she said. “I was actually doing a documentary for PBS with Nicholas Kristof. So for two weeks I had been in the slums of Nairobi…it was such an honor to be able to walk around and interview people with him…it was extraordinary, but a very different world than…” Wilde paused to survey the backlit benches and fashion editors filing in. “All of this,” she continued with a smile. “It balances me out. Fashion, art, beauty, culture are important elements of life. I think that the time I spend in Haiti — I have an organization in Haiti; I go down there quite often — going there and now going to Kenya and doing this documentary, it keeps me balanced. I’m very grateful that I get to do both. They’re certainly extremes, so hopefully I exist somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.”