Front Row at Oscar de la Renta

Valentino, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj attended the designer's spring show.



Photo By Steve Eichner

JUSTIN OVERWHELMED: Justin Timberlake looked bewildered front row at Oscar de la Renta’s show Tuesday. “I know fashion week,” Timberlake said, “but this is a little intense.” De la Renta was suddenly on hand, shaking the pop star’s hand and thanking him for coming. Some of the fear seemed to dissipate from Timberlake’s eyes as he continued, “I’m happy to be here.”

Nicki Minaj continued her tour of New York’s front rows, seated again next to Anna Wintour, but this time in a tiger stuffed animal hat. Barbara Walters was nearby, too, and Ashley Olsen seemed to be comforting Timberlake, who was once again recoiling in the face of camera flashes.

Also front row was Valentino, who was pleased to be there. “He’s an old friend, as you know.” Valentino smiled, suddenly growing untalkative. “Let’s enjoy the show.”