Front Row at Mulberry

Kirsten Stewart, Kate Moss and Hayley Atwell attended the runway show at Claridges.

Kirsten Stewart

Kirsten Stewart

Photo By Tim Jenkins

SNOW WHITE, OR BLACK?: “I know everyone thinks I wear black all the time, but I really do love vibrant colors,” Kristen Stewart of the “Twilight” series said after taking in Mulberry’s bright show Sunday morning at Claridge’s. There were ice cream vans stationed outside the hotel and a sea of giraffe, zebra and tiger balloons bobbing in the lobby to fit the collection’s seaside resort theme. The show drew a starry crowd, including Kate Moss — clad head-to-toe in Mulberry denim — Romola Garai, Hayley Atwell and Harley Viera-Newton.

Stewart, in London until November shooting “Snow White and the Huntsman,” noted her take on Snow White is far from the cutesy Disney version. “It’s more based on the original telling of it, which is fairly dark…it says a lot of great things about vanity and image and strength and standing up for what’s right,” she said, describing the title role as a Joan of Arc type.

Meanwhile, Garai said she’s prepping to shoot a second series of the hit BBC drama “The Hour,” set in a Fifties newsroom. Garai plays a feisty producer known for her glam, hourglass costumes.