A 'Fresh' Look at John Galliano

The beauty look took a cue largely from silent movies.

Backstage at John Galliano RTW Spring 2012

PARIS — Beauty at John Galliano took a cue largely from silent movies.

“It’s just really light, fresh makeup,” said makeup artist Pat McGrath. “We wanted the girls to look very innocent.”

A light burgundy (“like a fleshy blush”) was swept around models’ eyes and a small amount of tone was added on their lips and cheeks. Skin was paled out.

For the coif, hairstylist Orlando Pita gleaned inspiration from silent movie star Mary Pickford — and Mary Poppins. “But that was in the beginning,” said Pita. “I think it became more like the girls that Mary Poppins takes care of than Mary Poppins herself.”

That’s because models at Galliano sported little fishtail braids and short bangs.

Pita used hairspray from his signature T3 styling line.