Backstage at Giorgio Armani Spring 2012

Smoky, shimmering eyes and effortless hair gave the Armani girl an "airy, aqueous feeling."


“Armani’s girl is watery, kind of ethereal, with an airy, aqueous feeling,” said Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics’ international makeup artist.  

The face was kept matte with concentration on wet and glossy colors from the new spring Giorgio Armani color collection. Cantello used Eyes to Kill Intense and Mother of Pearl eye shadows, which gave a fish-scale effect in pastel and shiny pigments.

Pearlescent white and dark emerald green was brushed on the eyes for a smoky, shimmering effect that transitioned from a very strong line to an evanescent smudge. The look was resonant of a heavy Twenties and Thirties eye with a beautiful, heavy lid and shine worked along an elongated eye. Brows were simply filled in.

Lips were given fresh, sheer color from Gloss d’Armani in Pink #508 that will launch in January. Eye shadow was added to the cupid’s bow for luminosity.  

“Never too glamorous, never too androgynous, with a hint of rock ’n’ roll, Armani walks that thin line between everything,” said hairstylist Franco Gobbi. His goal was to find an effortless and timeless style for an elegant, confident woman.   

He applied Bumble and Bumble Holding Spray and twisted sections of hair into different directions for a spontaneous look that was molded and tactile. Small flyaway hairs were retained to soften the twists.