Alexander Wang's Carnival Party

Alexander Wang indulged in some carny chic when he took over the Edison Parking lot—a strip of 8th Avenue in Chelsea—for his theme park bash Saturday night.

Last September, Alexander Wang enlisted Courtney Love to rock his fashion week bash. Twelve months later, the designer thinks performances at after parties “are so over,” so on Saturday night, he erected a carnival on Eighth Avenue and Love was left to play Don Hill’s (where Nur Khan and DeLeon Tequila’s lineup this week spans decades).

There were bumper cars, ring toss games, skee ball, a bouncy castle, a carousel and water gun races at Wang’s party at the Edison Parking lot. Celebrities — model Iris Strubegger, Magnus Berger, Agyness Deyn, Sean Avery, Joseph Altuzarra and especially Kristin Cavallari —were the side shows. “I was like, ‘This is like my high school carnival,’” observed one girl. “And then I saw Russell Simmons and realized I didn’t go to high school with him or that Victoria’s Secret model.”