Front Row at Unique

Olivia Palermo and Lily Allen sat front row at Unique.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose

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CLOTHES CALL: Who needs to sing, dance, model, or be a reality TV star anymore when a life in fashion beckons? At least two of the celebrity guests at Unique — Olivia Palermo and Lily Allen — are rapidly morphing into designers.


Palermo said she’s begun working with Jessica Repetto, a designer, illustrator, and stylist, with an eye to creating her own collection. "I’m playing with designing, and seeing where it leads,” she said. “I started last May, and I just want to get some ideas out there. The designs I’ve done are mostly for spring, but it’s too early to talk about anything more specific."


Palermo has already collaborated on a fashion jewelry line that bowed for spring. Allen, meanwhile, threw open the doors of her new vintage store, Lucy in Disguise, in London’s Covent Garden on Saturday morning, and has plans to wholesale a vintage-inspired rtw line for spring. “We sold 15 items in two hours this morning — not so bad!” said Allen, adding that her favorite part of the business was the buying.