Front Row at Miu Miu

Rihanna and Dakota Fanning made up the front row at the spring show.



Photo By Dominique Maitre

That Léa Seydoux and Jean-Paul Goude were seated side by side at the Miu Miu show was hardly a coincidence. Word has it the two are set to collaborate on a new fragrance campaign for Prada. The young French actress said she’s also about to start work on a Benoît Jacquot film about Marie Antoinette that will feature Eva Green, as well. “I’m playing a young reader,” she whispered. “Alice in Wonderland” star Mia Wasikowska said she has two films out early next year. First up is Gus Van Sant’s “Restless,” and the young actress is also playing the lead in “Jane Eyre.” Italian actress Valeria Golino — best known for her turn in “Rain Man” — spent the summer filming the French movie “Butterfly Kiss,” due out at Christmas. In it, she plays a lady who is dying. “It was a little bit painful,” she sighed.

Dakota Fanning said she’ll be reprising her role as Jane in the “Twilight” series when filming resumes later this year. “Once I’d read the books, I was definitely a vampire fan,” she said. Rihanna talked up her new album — “It’s energetic, fun, full of swagger and sass,” she said, and gave a thumbs-up to the show music, which featured generous helpings of Edvard Grieg.