Galliano Picks His Winner For Fashion Fringe

Corrie Nielsen triumphed at the Fashion Fringe show. Her “Georgian Satires” collection featured models dressed as disheveled aristocrats.

A look from Corrie Nielsens spring 2011 collection

FRINGE BENEFITS: “London is — and remains — the heart of the rebel, the original and the romantic — and we must make sure we always nurture and support all this raw talent,” said John Galliano, chairman of Fashion Fringe, the annual, London-based competition for emerging talent. “If Fashion Fringe had existed when I started, I would definitely have been banging on their door.”


On Saturday night, Galliano and his panel of judges chose the American designer Corrie Nielsen as the winner. Nielsen’s “Georgian Satires” collection featured models dressed as disheveled aristocrats, and among the inspirations were the 18th-century French and English illustrators who parodied the upper classes.


Nielsen said she has a “bookish” approach to her research: “It’s important to know as much as possible about what came before so that you can draw on it, twist it, and turn it around,” she said. Although the race was a tight one — Nielsen’s collection beat Alice Palmer’s slinky pleats and Jade Kang’s watercolor sunset silks — Stephen Jones said Galliano’s choice was a fitting one. “If John Galliano was looking for a rebel who reminded him of his own hungry beginnings, then he has certainly found her,” he said.