Kanye West Digs Phillip Lim

The rapper had something nice to say about someone for a change. Kanye West called the designer "a really cool guy."

Kanye West

Kanye West

Photo By Steve Eichner

Kanye West had something nice to say about someone for a change — Phillip Lim — while the rapper was sitting at the designer’s show at the Park Avenue Armory on Wednesday afternoon. “He’s a really cool guy,” said West, who said he collaborated with Lim for the costumes on “Runaway,” a music video that he’s turning into a 40-minute film. The singer was also positive about the almost blinding gold and diamond dental implant he’s been sporting all week, saying, “People seem to like it.” (He also noted that “I replaced my teeth with these. It’s my actual teeth.”) But before he could answer the hard questions — namely, those about nemesis Taylor Swift — the exasperated West sniffed: “Too many questions, too many questions. That’s it.”