Front Row at Louis Vuitton

Freida Pinto, Leighton Meester and Gong Li were part of a handful of glamorous gals who were on the front row at Vuitton.

Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi

Photo By Stephane Feugere

THE EARLY SHOW: An on-the-dot start for Louis Vuitton’s show Wednesday left some gaps in the front row, with the likes of Camilla Belle and Gong Li among the tardy. Backstage, Belle said she just returned from New Orleans, where she wrapped “Father of Invention,” playing Kevin Spacey’s daughter. She described her character’s style as “kind of vintage-y. She’s a cool girl.” Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, nominated for an Oscar for her depiction of a deeply troubled deaf-mute student in “Babel,” said she’s currently filming “Norwegian Wood.” “It’s a sad role — again!” she said.

Freida Pinto, who traveled to Paris from London especially for the show, had room to stretch out, as did Leighton Meester. Cooing over the bags after the show, Meester, who said she’s working on her upcoming album, looked a little bemused by some of the footwear, namely those sporting moustachelike wooly appendages on the front. “They looked a little hard to pull off, but then again so are these,” she said, looking down at her sky-high black Vuitton platforms. Wearing more sensible ballerinas and escorted by her fiancé, Jamie Cullum, Sophie Dahl let slip she was working on a new cookbook and television program for the BBC under the working title “Miss Dalh’s Guide To All Things Lovely.” “I have been spending all my time writing and cooking: It’s total heaven,” she gushed.

Down the row, Michelle Yeoh said she was shooting a new action movie in China with John Woo along the lines of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” in which she starred nine years ago. “I play an assassin who is trying to leave her world behind her, but finds out it’s not so easy,” she said. Li, instead, is heading west to Hollywood for her next role. After having spent the summer jetting about Italy, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, Catherine Deneuve said it was time to get back to work. “No time for resting now,” said the doyenne of French cinema, adding she was about to head to Brussels to start filming “Potiche” by François Ozon. “It’s going to be a lot fun,” she said.

Meanwhile, in the second row, the granddaughters of Mikhail Gorbachev, Ksenia and Anastasia, were taking careful notes. “I have a Web site called Trendspace.ru it’s a fashion and shopping guide,” said Anastasia.