Big Star: Front Row at Isaac Mizrahi

Kathy Griffin was brimming with excitement at the Isaac Mizrahi RTW Spring 2010 show.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

Photo By Steve Eichner

Kathy Griffin was brimming with excitement when she found out she was the biggest star in Isaac Mizrahi’s front row — that is, until paparazzi went crazy over plus-size blogger Elisa DeCarlo, who was posing like a pinup in front of the photographers’ pit. “Oh s--t, did someone more famous walk in?” she exclaimed. “This is a brutal business.”

In the style wars, she beat out the competition, however. Griffin was wearing a little black dress courtesy of the designer himself, and she couldn’t help but point out how tiny her waist looked in it. “Today, I am in an A-list dress so I am A-list,” she said. “Tonight, I will go home and put on my PJs and be D-list.”