First-Timers: Front Row at Dennis Basso

Mary-Louise Parker was a Dennis Basso neophyte, while Joan Rivers was accustomed to the designer's runway paparazzi spectacle.

Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker

Photo By Steve Eichner

FIRST-TIMERS: Among his social followers like Marjorie Gubelmann, Valesca Guerrand-Hermès and Jamee Gregory, Dennis Basso also drew a celebrity contingent to his runway collection Tuesday afternoon. Actress Mary-Louise Parker, looking urban chic in Elizabeth & James, was a neophyte Basso attendee (and making her first appearance during New York Fashion Week).

“They showed me some photos of the clothes, and I thought they were really pretty. And he sent a really nice note,” explained Parker of her choice of invites. “Plus it worked with picking my kids up from school.”

Nearby, Joan Rivers, a friend of Basso’s for over 30 years, was well-accustomed to the runway paparazzi spectacle. After all, she explained, she had a hand in its creation. “Melissa and I started the red carpet. We were the first people to ask people, ‘Who are you wearing?’” she declared. And she’ll soon be doing it with more frequency: come this January, Rivers will return to the E network to do fashion commentary.