Bobs, Rosy Cheeks at Threeasfour

Hairstylist Ashley Javier did an oversize, mod ponytail at Threeasfour Saturday night, creating the effect of a bob.

Threeasfour RTW Spring 2009

Threeasfour RTW Spring 2009

Photo By Thomas Iannaccone

Hairstylist Ashley Javier cited “classic shapes” of the Sixties — from those worn by opera singers to Elizabeth Taylor — as his inspiration in doing an oversize, Mod bun at Threeasfour Saturday night, which resembled a type of bob.

To achieve this, he pinned a curved, foam cushion into the hair at the back of the head, then combed tresses over the cushion, creating the voluminous, elongated bun. The ends of the hair were curved under the bun and tapered toward the nape of the neck.

“It gives you this sense of grandeur and femininity,” he said of the look. “It creates impact.”

Shiny, coral red lips highlighted the Threeasfour makeup look, an effort that was led by Gordon Espinet, vice president of global makeup artistry for MAC Cosmetics. Eyes were subtle, giving way to a flushed face, and both featured a similar peachy pink hue.

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