Front Row at Valentino

Ansel Elgort, Seth Meyers and Colin Jost were among guests at the show in Paris.

Clotilde Courau

Clotilde Courau

Photo By Stéphane Feugère

FULL THROTTLE: Ansel Elgort doesn’t do things by half measures. In Paris with his girlfriend Violetta Komyshan, the young heartthrob decided to climb the French capital’s most famous landmark.
“The Eiffel Tower is so iconic, so I wanted to walk up all the stairs. I couldn’t walk quite all the way to the top but I got to the second story and I loved it,” he said at the Valentino men’s show on Wednesday.
The star of the summer hit “The Fault in Our Stars” is also throwing himself headlong into his upcoming performance as piano virtuoso Van Cliburn.
“I play piano. I don’t think I play as good as Van Cliburn did, but hopefully I’ll work on it and then I can fake it a little bit and it’ll be convincing,” he said, adding it would require “probably a few weeks of playing all day – I don’t really do like hours, I just do all day. When I do something, [it’s] all or nothing.”
Other guests included Seth Meyers and his former “Saturday Night Live” castmate Colin Jost. The “Late Night with Seth Meyers” host admitted he regularly watches Jost, who took over his duties as “Weekend Update” anchor on the comedy show.
“I do, mostly, you know, the way a deposed king watches the younger person who took his throne. I’m so angry. I thought it was in bad form for the show to keep doing ‘Weekend Update’ after I left. I thought that the honorable thing to do would have been to retire it. No — I think he’s doing a great job,” he said with a smile.
Meyers added that fashion insiders may be easy targets for comedians, but they can also be a tough crowd. “I hosted the CFDA awards once, and I will say they’re not the best comedy audience,” he recalled. “They were a little tight. I think they were aware that it’s a little like shooting fish in a barrel, so they were a little worried what a comedian would do. But it was fun — I’m glad I did it.”
Jost recently wrapped “Staten Island Summer,” a comedy with an ensemble cast that includes his SNL colleagues Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan. “It’s about me working as a lifeguard there when I was growing up,” said Jost, who wrote the movie and also has a small part.