Front Row at Cerruti 1881

Lambert Wilson, Vincent Perez and Saïd Taghmaoui attended the show.

BE KIND REWIND: It’s déjà vu all over again for Lambert Wilson, who was recently in the United Kingdom filming additional scenes for his film “Shuttlecock” — 24 years after the original was shot.

“It was never released,” the French actor explained at the Cerruti 1881 men’s show in Paris on Friday. “We shot some new scenes that will be included in a fresh cut of the film. The movie will be called ‘Sins of a Father,’ and it’s never been done.”

The story will feature some of the original cast, but not his co-star Alan Bates, who has passed away in the interim. As photographers snapped away, Wilson could be seen chatting with fellow thespians Vincent Perez and Benn Northover, while Saïd Taghmaoui leaped across the catwalk to hug French jazz musician Thomas Dutronc, the face of the Cerruti 1881 men’s scent Acqua Forte.

Perez said he was working on his third film as a director, an adaptation of German author Hans Fallada’s “Alone in Berlin” that is due to start shooting in September. The Swiss-born actor last month staged an exhibition at the RuArts gallery in Moscow featuring a year’s worth of photographs of the Bolshoi ballet troupe.

“It was a pretty incredible moment, because I took the photographs right in the middle of the scandal with the Bolshoi, so I had the protagonists on my images,” he said.