British Actors Turn Out for Tommy Hilfiger

Party hosted by Esquire attracts Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch and others.

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

Photo By Tim Jenkins

WHODUNNIT?: Should any crime or unexplainable incident have taken place at the party hosted by Esquire magazine and Tommy Hilfiger on Monday night in London, there would have been no need to alert the authorities, what with Doctor Who in one corner of the room and Sherlock Holmes in another.

Matt Smith, the actor behind the ultra-successful, time-travelling TV doctor, explained the importance of fashion to his character: “The doctor’s style is so distinctive because he’s able to mix and match clothes from every different era that he’s travelled to,” said Smith, adding that playing the doctor has most definitely affected the way he dresses. “I’m wearing his [Victorian chimney sweep-style lace up boots] right now.”

The presence of Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock, was causing even more of a stir, talking about his tongue twister of a surname. “It’s never not awkward! No one pronounces it correctly. You can always tell when someone doesn’t know how to pronounce it, because they just mumble through it. When I was at school I had some very, err, vivid nicknames.”

The venue, Clerkenwell’s The Zetter Townhouse, was as stuffed with hot British actors as it was leather bound books and taxidermy heads. Riz Ahmed, out with fellow actor Kayvan Novak, was like a proud peacock: “I’m wearing D&G tonight,” he said, gesturing at his velvet lapels, “but if any brands at all want to send me some free clothes they are more than welcome.”