Front Row at Valentino

Andrea Bosca, James Marshall, Julien Boisselier and Oliver Sitruk sat front row at the brand's men's show.

Andrea Bosca

Andrea Bosca

Photo By Stephane Feugere

THE EXPERTS: Move over, “Project Runway”! The A-listers who showed up for Valentino’s first men’s wear show in Paris turned out to be a fashion-savvy bunch. Italian actor Andrea Bosca was fresh off the set of “Outing,” an Italian film in which he plays an aspiring designer. “Yesterday we just did the last scene, when I heard about the opportunity to attend this show. So it seems like everything is gravitating around fashion,” he grinned. His neighbor, Primo Reggiani, is more familiar with the modeling side of things, having starred in Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2012 ad campaign.

Grégory Fitoussi, meanwhile, has been delving into the history of shopping. He plays window-dresser Henri Leclair opposite Jeremy Piven’s Harry Gordon Selfridge in the new British television series “Mr. Selfridge,” about the founder of the eponymous London department store. “It was all new to me, because I knew absolutely nothing about the subject. I barely knew Selfridges on Oxford Street — I just remember dashing in there once to buy a suitcase,” he said with a laugh.

James Marshall, who is married to model Elettra Wiedemann, said he is shooting a television show called “Jogging with James,” which follows his grueling training for the Marathon des Sables, a six-day ultra-marathon in the Sahara desert. “Underneath these beautiful Valentino shoes, there is an array of black toenails, so they are in the process of falling off,” he said, pointing to his burgundy leather sneakers. It turns out the newlyweds are engaged in friendly one-upmanship. “The last triathlon we did together, she beat me by two seconds, so I thought, well, I can’t compete with her in triathlons, so I’ve got to find something else that she’s not good at — which is very difficult, because she’s good at most things. Running across a desert is something she would not want to do,” he explained.

French actor Olivier Sitruk revealed he is about to make his directing debut with an adaptation of Tatiana Arfel’s novel “L’attente du soir” (“Waiting for Evening,” in English). “I’ve always wanted to do it and when I turned 40, I thought, now’s the time,” he said. His countryman Julien Boisselier was preparing to shoot “Jamais le premier soir” (“Never on the First Date”), a comedy in which he plays an osteopath. “In the beginning, he seems like the perfect guy, but he turns out to be an asshole,” he deadpanned.