Front Row at Dior Homme

Singers, actors and fashion luminaries turned out for the show in Paris.

Karl Lagerfeld and Hélène Arnault

Karl Lagerfeld and Hélène Arnault

Photo By Stéphane Feugère

WINTER BREAK: Theophilus London, who attended the Dior Homme show in Paris on Saturday, has come up with a novel concept for his upcoming collaboration with French contemporary brand Surface to Air: a “space bomber.” The singer, who likes to wear a flight jacket customized with pins and patches when on tour, got the idea of creating an intergalactic version. “Since I haven’t been to Mars or Pluto or these other places, I want to make a fantasy like we’ve been there,” he said.

Theo Hutchcraft, of British electronic duo Hurts, said a clothing collaboration might not be a bad move. “It would be a good way for us to get clothes, because we don’t have time to shop,” the singer mused, noting that the band will kick off a European tour next month ahead of the March release of its second album, “Exile.”

Music video director Yoann Lemoine, better known as Woodkid, said he’s plotting an April tour in America in support of his forthcoming debut album, and noted that Dior Homme designer Kris Van Assche styled the video for its third single, “I Love You.” The Frenchman recently moved to New York and is simultaneously studying film at NYU and writing the script for his first feature film.

Chinese actor Dawei Tong, who was attending his first Paris show, had donned a bright red Dior Homme scarf for the chilly occasion. “I don’t like to look too formal, so I thought this would be a fun touch,” said Tong, who has a new comedy coming out in time for the Chinese New Year, titled “Better and Better.” Brothers Peter and Harry Brant were thrilled to arrive in the French capital just in time for its heaviest snowfall in years. “If I set up an Instagram photo shoot with me lying in some sort of grand outfit in the snow in the Grand Trianon, then what happens, happens,” Harry Brant quipped. “It’s a write-off then,” his older brother opined.

François Cluzet, best known for his role as a quadriplegic in “The Intouchables,” will show a radically different side in the sailing adventure “En solitaire” (“Solo,” in English), which required him to spend two months at sea. “We were 16 people on a boat meant for one,” he said. “I was lucky, it suited me. I was never seasick and we managed to make a film which, I think, will be very surprising.”

Nicolas Duvauchelle, meanwhile, was looking forward to shooting the comedy “Sept ans d’absence” (“Seven years’ absence”) with director Thierry Klifa. “I play a chicken hawker,” he grinned, noting with relief that directors no longer peg him as the bad boy of French cinema.