Front Row at Calvin Klein

Actor Justin Theroux and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz attended the show.

Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux

Photo By Piero Cristaldi

EAT, SHOP, SHOW: The Calvin Klein collection was likely too minimal to serve as an inspiration for Justin Theroux, who, sitting front row at the brand’s show Sunday, said that he is constantly trying to get “Zoolander 2” on its feet “so we can get that movie done at some point.”

The actor and director, who is also working on a movie for Warner Bros. with Will Ferrell, flew into Milan from Los Angeles for one day only and, along with some fashion shopping, was carving out time to taste some traditional Italian food — one of his priorities for his 24 hours in town. “I’m going to probably eat some veal Milanese, or chicken Milanese because I don’t eat veal,” he said.

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, at the Calvin Klein show for the second time, revealed that he has struck a deal to introduce his Young Whales fashion line at New York Fashion Week in February.

Theroux and Cruz later headed to the brand’s after party to take in concerts by British pop star Ellie Goulding and New York act Hercules and Love Affair. Winding down after her performance, Goulding looked a little flustered upon learning that Jennifer Aniston’s other half had been in the room. “Really? Was he even watching?” she gasped, before sighing, “They make such a lovely couple.”

Having never attended a fashion week, Goulding said she was looking forward to partying in Milan with “all the hunky male models.” The singer later this week will head to the States to begin her U.S. tour, which will include about 30 dates, and a dizzying number of wardrobe changes. “I’ve got it pretty sussed, I used to just throw anything on but now I know which brands suit me and what works well for my body type; I tend to wear a lot of black and white,” said Goulding, poured into a sleeveless black Calvin Klein dress that emphasized her shoulders.