Front Row at Jean Paul Gaultier

Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu and French R&B singer Shy’m were among the guests at the show.

Nicky Wu

Nicky Wu

Photo By Stephane Feugere

GAULTIER’S GLOBAL GUESTS: Jean Paul Gaultier’s front row Thursday was packed with a culturally diverse bunch. Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, speaking through his translator, said the Gaultier show was his second fashion experience during the week. He’d just seen Louis Vuitton and is set to take in Dior Homme on Saturday. Wu is known in China for his starring roles in TV and film, but made his name in a Taiwanese boy band called Little Tigers Team.

Meanwhile, French R&B singer Shy’m said she’s a fan of Gaultier’s “creativity without limits.” “I always leave with stars in my eyes,” she said, adding with a grin that she thought the show’s handsome cast was “splendidly well-chosen.” After winning the French version of “Dancing with the Stars” late last year, she’s set to release a new album in June, after touring in March.