A Blue Note at Uman

Evelina Floris installed an homage to Yves Klein.

TRUE BLUE: Prone to philosophical musings, esoteric Milanese tailored clothing label Uman took its obsession with the color blue — “the most modern and intellectual of colors,” in the words of founder Umberto Angeloni — to new heights. At a happening Friday night in Milan, artist Evelina Floris installed an homage to Yves Klein, where visitors pushed through paint-splashed strips to reach Uman’s latest trio of special jackets.


Exquisitely crafted, the looks married fashion with function, from a woodsman style lined with cottony lambskin to a sporty zippered travelling coat fit for vintage automobile rallies. As an accompaniment to the line, Angeloni released a small book of poems by famous writers, aptly titled Blue.