Front Row at Pringle of Scotland

Tilda Swinton and fellow Scot David Shrigley sat front row at Pringle of Scotland.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton

Photo By Giovanni Giannoni

CARTOON CAPERS: “Dude, that was brilliant. I want a copy for my kids,” Tilda Swinton said to David Shrigley, a fellow Scot whose quirky, three-minute cartoon on the history of Pringle was screened before the brand’s men’s show — and had Swinton cracking up. “Pringle’s my mother’s milk. It’s what we grow up with,” said the actress, who appears in Pringle’s spring ads. The actress said she’s unfazed by the paparazzi frenzy surrounding her. “I’m less aware of it all than you are, and I try to have fun,” shrugged Swinton, whose latest film, “Io sono l’amore” (“I Am Love”), coproduced by Silvia Venturini Fendi, is now in theaters. As for Shrigley, he confessed he didn’t “know anything about fashion apart from ‘Ugly Betty,’” when asked about the oddball fashion personas he had lining the runway in his clip. A book on Shrigley’s art, published by Cannon Gate, is due out in the fall.