Diane von Furstenberg Toasts Anniversary Collection

As the snowfall-turned-slushy-muck blanketed Manhattan fashion folk hoofed it down to the designer's studio.

As the snowfall-turned-slushy-muck blanketed Manhattan on Sunday night, fashion folk hoofed it down to Diane von Furstenberg’s studio in the Meatpacking District to toast the designer’s fall collection. After puddle skipping across the cobblestone, guests were greeted with that signature sense of DVF exuberance. “Jungle Boogie” thumped, courtesy of Zoë Kravitz, stationed behind the DJ booth. Partygoers snatched flutes of bubbly and took to the leopard-print dance floor.

The Hilton sisters beelined toward a mirrored column upon arriving and proceeded to inspect their visages. “Loved the show,” Paris said in her trademark purr after reapplying a fresh coat of lip gloss. “We always love Diane’s dresses and her prints.”

“Her clothes are so beautiful but also so wearable,” Nicky piped in. “You go to a lot of these runway shows and the clothes are pretty but you can’t wear them in everyday life.”

“We’ve known Diane since we were little girls. I love her personality,” Paris added. “She has such a young spirit. She’s so real.”

“Paris!” the designer said, waving the pair over from across the room. The sisters trotted over, flanking the designer on a banquette. It wasn’t long before Paris pulled out her iPhone to memorialize the moment (her Instagram shot got 24,873 likes by press time).

In a quieter corner of the room, Sabine Heller powwowed with Valerie Boster and Zani Gugelmann. Kelly Rutherford, arm swung around bestie Jennifer Creel, posed for photos.

“I’m exhausted but I’m happy,” von Furstenberg said, now extricated from the Hiltons, daintily picking at her arugula salad with her fingers. “The thing about the wrap dress is — even though it’s paid for all my bills; it’s made me famous; it put me on the cover of Newsweek; it made me have an American dream — I always took it for granted,” she said, reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the silhouette. “Sometimes I even resented it — even the second time around when I started again — because people said, ‘Diane von Furstenberg, oh right, the wrap dress.’ But since I decided to do the exhibition in L.A., I’ve realized that the one thing I’m most proud of, besides my children, is the wrap dress. Once I decided to do the exhibition and honor it, I started paying attention to it and now I look at it completely differently.”

Fran Lebowitz was first after the designer to hit the buffet — a seemingly never-ending spread that covered all the major food groups. Spindly thing Emily Weiss lobbed a generous helping of baked ziti onto her plate (some girls have all the luck) just as latecomers Lily Kwong, Karlie Kloss and Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea entered en masse around 9 p.m. “They probably just trucked over from Opening Ceremony,” one reveler murmured, checking his watch. “What’s after this?”