Front Row at Marchesa

Katie Holmes, Sarah Paulson, Anna Kendrick and Olivia Palermo sat front row at the fall show.

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Anna Kendrick

Photo By Steve Eichner

FRONT ROW FATIGUE: By Wednesday evening’s Marchesa show, fashion week had begun to defeat Anna Kendrick. “I’ll never be warm,” said the actress, draping a black capelet around her petite frame. “I said I was going to go big or go home because I’ve never done fashion week before, and holy crap. I’m so glad that I did it, but next season I’m going to be a little more selective.” The actress was also feeling the effects from the previous night’s Miu Miu fete. “It had like ballerinas and jugglers, and that was so freaking cool,” she said. “All parties should have somebody climbing up a pole. It’s not a party if someone’s not scaling a wall.” She gestured toward a pillar within the New York Public Library venue. “I mean, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

Kendrick’s seatmate, Sarah Paulson, had gone the more selective route, attending only a handful of shows. The “12 Years a Slave” actress had donned the brand at last month’s Golden Globe Awards and was on the hunt for an Oscars dress. “I want to do something slightly less…princess-y,” she said. “I want to do something a little body conscious before I’m too old to do that.” The actress, clad in a rather “princess-y” frock, had no spoilers to share about the upcoming season of “American Horror Story,” which starts filming in June. “I know as much as [Ryan Murphy] has let on, which is very little,” Paulson said. “It also changes. What I know now may not be what it is. I’m really not counting on it…”

The front row also seated a blizzard-ready Olivia Palermo — “I’m probably one of those rare New Yorkers who loves it when it snows,” she said — and Katie Holmes, showing off a sleek, shorter do and acting characteristically press-shy. “I’m waiting for my publicist,” she demurred politely.