Front Row at Julien Macdonald

Actress Samantha Barks talks new projects at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Front Row at Julien MacDonald RTW Fall 2014

Samantha Barks

Photo By Giovanni Gianoni

DARK MATTER: The British actress and singer Samantha Barks, best known for her role as the tragic Éponine in the film "Les Misérables," just can't stay out of the dark.

The actress, who was in the front row of Julien Macdonald's show on Saturday night at the Royal Courts of Justice, has two films coming out later this year: "Dracula Untold" and "The Devil's Harvest," where her characters aren't exactly sunny or sweet.

"I had a tranquil, happy childhood," said the actress, who grew up on the tiny Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. "Maybe one day, I'll play a happy character," she added. "But I wouldn't know what to do with myself."