Front Row at Jason Wu

Peter Brant Jr. and Harry Brant, Harley Viera Newton, Hannah Bronfman and Anya Ziourova were among front row guests at the fall show.

Jason Wu Front Row 2014 Fall Lily Kwong

Lily Kwong

Photo By Steve Eichner

"I'm the warmest person in here besides you," Peter Brant Jr. muttered to Linda Fargo before the two took their seats in the front row of the Jason Wu show on Friday afternoon. The Interview mag progeny-cum-BFA-ubiquitor had just breezed in, of course with brother Harry in tow, a fur trimmed coat strewn over his shoulders. "I'm going to sleep in this later," Brant continued as fellow front rowers — Harley Viera Newton, Hannah Bronfman, Anya Ziourova among them — plopped into their seats. "It's like a big cozy blanket."

Further down the line, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea stuck close to her iPhone — her sister, in from Buenos Aires for the week, was her date to the show. "She's coming but I don't know where she is. She's not answering her phone so," she shrugged. Closeby, Lauren Remington Platt explained her look for the show. "There's a little party going onin the back, it's a low back" she said of her gold Jason Wu gown, which she made more daytime appropriate with boots and a baseball jacket. "It's great because I'm set for the day. I'm just going to throw the shoes off and the jacket off and head out for the night."