Front Row at Emporio Armani

DJ Calvin Harris and members of the EA7 Olympia Milano basketball team attended the show.

Christof Innerhofer

Christof Innerhofer

Photo By Stéphane Feugère

TALL ORDERS: The nightclub scene in Las Vegas isn’t as flashy as you might think, according to Scottish musician and DJ Calvin Harris. “I perform in Las Vegas every week, and simple clothes, a black T-shirt, is all I need. Emporio Armani works perfectly there, too,” Harris said at the brand’s show. Tall and fit, Harris blended in with the EA7 Olympia Milano basketball team Giorgio Armani sponsors, its tall teammates lined up in their uniforms in the second row.

Fresh off the Sochi Olympics, where he secured silver and bronze medals, world ski champ Christof Innerhofer said “there are different athletes that win in sports, but Italy in fashion is always number one.”