Front Row at Betsey Johnson

Steve Madden, Paris Hilton and Wendy Williams sat front row at the designer's fall show.

BETSEY TIME: Steve Madden, whose namesake company owns Betsey Johnson's brand, was seated in the front row of Johnson's fashion show Wednesday. "Betsey Johnson's business is great. We're selling shoes like crazy, and the handbag business is good," said Madden.  Madden, who was portrayed in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street," said he liked the flick, but wished he could have played himself in the movie. "It was a funny movie. I didn't like Jake Kaufman as me. They didn't capture me," said Madden, adding "it was a long time ago."

Others in the front row were Paris Hilton, Neon Hitch, Wendy Williams, Sasha Cohen, Carmen Carrera and Zendaya.  "This is my first fashion week. It's amazing," said Zendaya. Asked what her favorite show of the week has been so far, she said, "I don't have a favorite. Everyone has been killing it so far."