Backstage at Issey Miyake Fall 2014

Eugene Souleiman and Alex Box created the look for the show.

Backstage at Issey Miyake RTW Fall 2014

Backstage at Issey Miyake RTW Fall 2014

Photo By Delphine Achard

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PARIS — “The spirit of the forest is the inspiration,” makeup artist Alex Box said of the beauty look at Issey Miyake’s fall 2014 show.  “The whole feeling is very, very gentle. It’s like poetry; nothing’s hard lines.”

She kept models’ skin very bare, “so it feels very much like their skin tone creates the depth,” said Box, adding lips were conditioned, allowing their natural color to come through.

Box painted a copper line along the bottom lid of models’ eyes, reflecting the metallic accents in the fashion collection.

“It’s these tiny little touches, almost like a firefly going through the forest,” she said. “Also, you get that kind of copper in nature.”

Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman, using Wella products, said he wanted “to do something that just felt very elegant and very chic and crafted.”

He pulled models’ hair back and combed lines into it, since that reminded him of grains of wood. Then tresses were pulled into a tight, swirled chignon.

“I wanted there to be this very pretty detail that was unusual, but it didn’t feel weird,” he said. “You’ve got this swirled kind of very flat bun, almost like a placemat or a doily.”