Rodarte Parties at The Standard East Village

Lindsey Wixson, Chloë Sevigny, Monique Péan and Richard Phillips were among guests taking the scene in.

Before Rodarte’s runway show on Tuesday afternoon, David Karp, founder and chief executive officer of Tumblr, milled about the floor of Center548 in Chelsea in a Prada suit, talking about what his popular blogging platform offers the fashion world and vice versa.

“The fashion community, like a lot of communities, does well when you give them more than one medium,” he said. “The coolest stuff is not the stuff that they’re making at the fashion show, but all the stuff in between — all of the independent artists that they work with, all the great known artists that they work with, all the photography, all of the editorial. There’s a lot more to fashion than just the clothes on the models, right? I think Tumblr is a good home for all of that stuff.”

It made sense that Karp would make Rodarte his one fashion week stop. Kate and Laura Mulleavy have one of the more robust official Tumblogs of any fashion brand, easily applying that Millennial generation impulse to lifecast to the workings of the label. In fact, later that night at their after party in the basement of The Standard East Village, the room was littered with four-by-six glossy prints straight from Tumblr of show-tagged posts that appeared on the site in the intervening hours. Lindsey Wixson, Chloë Sevigny, Monique Péan and Richard Phillips were all among those taking the scene in.

The friends and family vibe was cemented when Kate Mulleavy was presented with a birthday cake printed with a black-and-white portrait of Jim Morrison. Curiously, there was no sign of it at officialrodarte.tumblr.com as of press time.