Lady Miss Kier Performs at Kenzo Party

Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba and Robyn came to celebrate the launch of the next edition of Vans by Kenzo.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Photo By François Goizé

The launch party for the latest edition of Vans by Kenzo had a Nineties vibe, much to the liking of Karlie Kloss and Jessica Alba, who were among the party guests at Balajo, one of Paris’s oldest ballrooms, with its original 1936 furniture still intact. Given the age of the location, the acoustics were not exactly sharp, but Lady Miss Kier made up for it with a spirited combination of improvised moves ranging from funk to hip-hop to aerobics. The former Deee-Lite band member kicked off her glittery platform heels, one of which landed directly on the head of her guitarist, to perform a number of new songs as well as Deee-Lite’s greatest hit, “Groove Is in the Heart,” making the crowd go wild.

Dancing with abandon, Swedish singer Robyn said it was the first time she had seen Lady Miss Kier perform. Kier said she had four albums in store this year. “Always busy,” she noted in her husky voice, as a bunch of male groupies flashed their iPhones. “Oh, is it a video?” the singer inquired. “I’ll start dancing then” — which she did.