DVF Hosts Postshow Dinner at Indochine

The crowd included Seth Meyers, Barry Diller, Jennifer Meyer, Carolyn Murphy and Fran Lebowitz.

As Mayor Michael Bloomberg — looking sporty in a Nantucket red sweater and leather bomber jacket — stepped out of his car and over a puddle-bridging plywood board outside Indochine on Sunday night, he professed to his companion, Diana Taylor, that they should only stay for appetizers. Never mind that at the Diane von Furstenberg postshow dinner inside, the hors d’oeuvres had already been served for quite some time. The pair joined a crowd that included von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, Jennifer Meyer, Carolyn Murphy and Fran Lebowitz, among other DVF regulars.

Earlier in the proceedings, Seth Meyers stood near the bar with girlfriend Alexi Ashe. The “Saturday Night Live” head writer said he was making his one fashion week appearance. He had just wrapped a week with guest host Justin Bieber the night before and was already thinking of this week’s star, Christoph Waltz.

“I feel like Babelfish is really going to get a lot of work on the ‘SNL’ computers this week,” he said of writing for the German-born Waltz, who also acts in French and English. “If that even is still a Web site.”

Ashe caught Meyers up to speed. “Google Translate,” she noted.