Front Row at Maxime Simoens

Melanie Laurent, Keren Ann and Sidney Toledano took in the show.

Keren Ann and Mélanie Laurent

SHOW AND TELL: Chatting happily and sharing photos on their phones, actress Mélanie Laurent and singer and musician Keren Ann sat alongside Dior chief Sidney Toledano at Maxime Simoens’ debut ready-to-wear show on Sunday. New mom Keren Ann showed snaps and chatted about her baby girl Nico, who travels with her. “I’m preparing a tour to China in April,” the artist said. Via her band Lady & Bird, she is also reworking the score of their Gothic opera “Red Waters” to turn it into an animated movie. “Hopefully, it will be the first crazy animated project with an international cast,” said the Simoens-clad brunette, who also wears his designs on stage.