Front Row at Jill Stuart

Zoe Kravitz and Chelsea Leyland considered the fashion footwear/inclement weather conundrum.

PUDDLE JUMPERS: Front row attendees considered the fashion footwear/inclement weather conundrum at the Jill Stuart runway show at Lincoln Center on Saturday morning. “I got lucky today,” said Zoe Kravitz, looking impressive-for-the-weather chic in a black eyelet frock from the designer. “I actually got sent some patent lather shoes so the snow stays off of them. I don’t have to worry about ruining them, thank god!” A few seats over, Chelsea Leyland took a different approach. “A really sensible pair of boots to change into, with thick socks, is the trick. I actually just switched into these,” she said, gesturing down to her Charlotte Olympia wedges. “I threw my snow boots in my bag,” she said holding up a hefty canvas bag, a pair of galoshes sticking out of it. “These are actually my boyfriends. They were too small so he gave them to me.”