Front Row at Chanel

Jessica Chastain, Vanessa Paradis and Milla Jovovich attended the show at the Grand Palais in Paris.


AROUND THE WORLD: The giant globe revolving under the steel-and-glass roof of the Grand Palais had some celebrity guests pondering Karl Lagerfeld’s message at the Chanel show in Paris on Tuesday.

“Maybe it stands for globalization first,” said Vanessa Paradis, noting that the orb helpfully featured little flags pointing out the location of Chanel boutiques. “It’s impressive,” concluded the French actress and singer, who is finishing her next album, “Love Songs,” set for release in May.

“It looks wonderful,” chimed in Jessica Chastain, scrutinizing the pinpoints of light indicating cities. Did her hometown make the map? “Can’t tell at the moment,” she said as Africa slowly whirled into view. “I’m from Northern California, wine country,” she noted.

The guest list itself read a little like a United Nations convention, with Princess Caroline of Monaco, Marie-Josée Croze, Inès de la Fressange, Ana Girardot and Laura Bailey in attendance. Adding an extra twist, many were sporting items from Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris-Edinburgh pre-fall collection, shown in Scotland in December.

French singer Stéphanie Sokolinski, better known by her stage name Soko, sported tartan plus fours and a back-to-front baseball cap. “I felt like dressing up as a 12-year-old golfer,” she grinned.

The Los Angeles-based musician is in Paris recording “My Dreams Dictate My Reality,” her second album, which is due out in September. “It’s quite Eighties. I think I’ve been listening to The Cure too much,” she said.

Milla Jovovich, in Paris to shoot an ad campaign, kept it simple in a men’s white shirt and wide-legged black trousers — the kind of thing Coco Chanel herself might have worn. “I felt like I’ve never really worn a suit to Chanel, I’ve always been more girly, so I thought it would be nice to change it up a bit,” she explained.

Shanghai-based artist Yi Zhou said she was working on sculptures for the first Hong Kong edition of Art Basel. “I can’t wait to show them,” she said.

Alice Dellal let out a squeal of delight when shown images of her new advertising campaign for Chanel’s Boy handbag, which shows her sitting astride a horse. “It’s the first time I saw it. I really like it,” she said, noting that it was her first time on horseback since she was an 11-year-old in Brazil. “It was so good, I love horses and it was just nice to interact with, you know, a beast.”