Front Row at Calvin Klein Collection

Jessica Chastain and Olivia Wilde both made time on Valentine's Day to stop by the show.

Calvin Klein Front Row Olivia Wilde Jessica Chastain

Olivia Wilde and Jessica Chastain

Photo By Steve Eichner

WILDE HEARTS: Valentine’s Day tends to be a divisive holiday, evoking either intense ardor or utter disdain. Jessica Chastain and Olivia Wilde, both of whom made time to stop by the Calvin Klein show on Thursday afternoon, are on the cheerier side of the spectrum. “Every day should be Valentine’s Day,” Wilde said.

“I’m for anything that celebrates love,” Chastain agreed. The actresses were cloistered backstage before the show taking momentary refuge from the gaggle of photographers antsy for their front-of-house appearance. Chastain spoke of the man currently capturing her heart: Francisco Costa. “He’s a sweetheart,” said Chastain, clad in a Calvin Klein Collection amber stretch wool shift. “He made my Golden Globes dress, and wasn’t it incredible? It was like a Rita Hayworth silhouette but then he made it so different and modern. He definitely made it his own.”