Uptown Kills: The Kills Rock The Pierre for Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs invited friends and family to the tony hotel to celebrate his runway show.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fal 2012

Marc Jacobs

Photo By Steve Eichner

Immediately following Marc Jacobs’ runway show at the 69th Regiment Armory on Monday night, a decent portion of the crowd headed uptown to The Pierre hotel for the company’s now traditional friends-and-family party. Though it was a mostly low-key affair, a few famous faces stuck out in the crowd. Jared Leto and Terry Richardson made an early entrance and exit. Dakota Fanning shared a table with Jacobs and John Currin and Rachel Feinstein.

After dinner, The Kills, who are now riding pole position in the fashion week ubiquitors race, played a semisurprise set. They’ve done the downtown club thing twice this week, but The Pierre was a new look for their blues-trash shtick. Jacobs was dead center alongside Lorenzo Martone, watching on approvingly. Michael Pitt stood by himself in the back. Kim Gordon kept repositioning herself on the dance floor. A few partygoers glanced nervously at the room’s crystal chandeliers. Alison Mosshart, the duo’s lead singer, made a crack about the high school prom before her rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.”

“It’s awesome; seriously, it’s great,” said Lisa Airan, no stranger to the Upper East Side hotel’s more traditional party scene, of the party. This wasn’t quite a Meals on Wheels fund-raiser, was it? She nodded.