Jason Wu Parties After the Runway

The designer feted his runway show with a low key party at The Double Seven.

“I’m super early for my own party,” Jason Wu said on Friday as he arrived at an after party to toast his runway show earlier in the day. While other guests, including Coco Rocha, Shala Monroque, Michelle Harper, Caroline Sieber and a full set of Coutin-Clarins sisters played by the more traditional fashion timing strictures, Wu was at Meatpacking club The Double Seven only shortly after the fete’s official 8 p.m. start.

“I like to be on time,” he laughed. The designer paused when asked to consider the source of his punctuality. “I don’t know; I guess my Chinese background,” he said. “I didn’t have a tiger mother, but she was definitely strict and she enforced a lot of rules on me. But I was a bit of a rebel actually. I was sort of a bad kid. One would never expect that, I know. But I went through a lot of stages before this one came along.”

There was still hope that the rebellious streak might emerge as the evening wore on. "We'll do shots later," Wu laughed.