Front Row at Rag & Bone

Hilary Rhoda, Virginie and Claire Courtin-Clarins, and Susie Bubble all sat front row at the show.

Rag & Bone Front Row Hilary Rhoda

Hilary Rhoda

Photo By Steve Eichner

NUMBERS GAME: “This is my first fashion show ever,” Cass Bird said, front row at Rag & Bone early Friday evening. Really? “No,” Bird laughed, “but it’s my first so far this week. I just got back from L.A. — I haven’t been in a dark room since my pregnancy and I’ve been there since 5 a.m. this morning.” Further down Pier 57, the Courtin-Clarins sisters were also hard at work, desperately searching for their seats. “I don’t know where we are supposed to go, everyone’s sitting on the numbers,” Virginie said. It didn’t help that the foursome’s search was also impaired by the blinding flashbulbs of style bloggers and front-row paparazzi.