Front Row at Elie Saab

Chantal Thomass and Angelababy sat front row at the fall show.



Photo By Stéphane Feugère

MOONLIGHTING: A downpour made crossing the Tuileries to reach the Elie Saab show tent a major feat for the Louboutin-shod crowd. “We don’t have any rain on the moon at least,” astronaut Buzz Aldrin pronounced dryly. When asked about his interest in fashion, he replied: “Spacesuits are getting better and better.” Olivia Ruiz said she had handpicked a few shows to attend — including Saab and Arzu Kaprol — with a view to shopping for costumes for her upcoming summer tour, which will feature a repertoire of jazz covers. Other front row guests included Hong Kong actress and singer Angelababy and lingerie designer Chantal Thomass.