Michael Kors Rings in 30th Anniversary

The designer was misting up during Judy Collins' rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

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Special Issue
WWDStyle issue 02/18/2011

On Wednesday night at a party celebrating Michael Kors’ 30th anniversary in fashion at The Carlyle hotel, Judy Collins asked for some assistance from the crowd to bring “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” home. Anjelica Huston, Patti Hansen and most of those in attendance dutifully sang along. Across the room, Kors was misting up.

“Last night I cried at my fitting,” the designer explained a little later. “I cried with Carmen Kass, of all people. Trust me, she’s not a crier. And then Bette Midler sang ‘Happy Anniversary’ backstage before we started [the show]. I cried again. And then tonight Judy Collins sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and I cried again.…I got a little welled.”

After Collins’ set, the small room began to fill with fashion editors and a few of the front-row faces from Kors’ show earlier in the day, including Emma Roberts, Debra Messing and Angie Harmon. The nostalgia in the air had Hansen and Rene Russo reminiscing about their modeling days.

“OK, here’s the truth,” Russo said. “I was at Studio 54 twice.”

“She left for Hollywood then,” Hansen chimed in.

“I would do my work, go home and go to sleep,” Russo continued. “Pitiful, I know.”

“You were a good girl,” Hansen observed.